Model suing over a massive bruise on backside after donating it for golf

Video has emerged of the moment a Playboy was hit in the buttocks with a golf club be a radio host at a 2012 golf outing sponsored by the magazine.

Elizabeth Dickson, 28, is suing Playboy Enterprises and radio host Kevin Klein for $500,000 plus punitive damages after he whacked her in the behind with a golf club while trying to hit a ball off a tee placed between the cheeks of her buttocks during an amateur golf tournament in California.

The model claims in a copy of the  lawsuit reviewed by MailOnline that she gave no consent for the ball to actually be hit and that she has suffered pain, worrying and anxiety as a result of the incident – but she appears in the video to have a better sense of humor immediately after being hit.

Not the best idea: Liz Dickson lying down with the tee placed in her butt cheeks before the shot (left) and with a giant welt on her buttocks after the poorly aimed swing (right)

Better times: 28-year-old Dickson (right) smiles while out at a bar outing with friends

Dickson was invited to the Playboy Golf Finals held March 30, 2012 at the Industry Hills, according to the complaint. Klein is a co-host of the  Playboy Morning Show .

She complied with a request early in the day to lie ‘flat on her stomach with her buttocks partially exposed for a photograph’ with Klein, the suit first reported by  TMZ  alleges.

‘A golf tee was then placed between the cheeks of her buttocks and a golf ball was balanced on top of the tee,’ the suit continues, and the video shows.

Moment Playboy model is whacked in the butt with golf club

Fore!: Klein tees off, but catches almost as much of Dickson as he does the ball

Dickson was led to believe that the pose would include only a depiction of Klein hitting the ball of the tee for a picture, and not him actually swinging the golf club – but he did swing the club, and he missed badly.

The video shows Klein line up the shot and first miss it, causing someone to place it back on the tee.

His second swing hits the ball, but it also leaves a divot in Dickson’s backside.

The model can be seen and heard writhing in agony as another woman tells her she has a welt on her behind.

In agony: Dickson screamed out in pain as the woman at left told her she had a welt on her buttocks

In the rough: Off-cue radio host Klein, who’s being sued along with Playboy by Dickson

Klein attempts to interview her for the radio show, but the conversation is drowned out by loud music.

‘[Dickson] sustained severe bodily injuries, a portion of which are permanent,’ according to the lawsuit.

The suit claims Dickson was an ‘unwilling participant’ in his ill-fated swing and that it caused severe emotional and physical trauma.

Both Dickson’s lawyer and a Playboy spokesperson did not immediately respond to MailOnline messages left for comment.


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