Top 6 Post Engagement Doubts Among Women

article-2012113228420131321000So, your engagement with the man of your dreams has been finalized. You look upon him as the man meant to be your life-partner. Everyone in your family too seems pleased with him. However, you realize that some doubts are pricking your mind, disrupting your state of happiness. You aren’t the first woman who has felt this way. Such post-engagement doubts are felt by women across the world. Some of the most common apprehensions that you might feel during this period include:

1. He agreed to marriage unwillingly

Yes, most men have to be pulled towards marriage like a mule. However, somewhere in your heart, you had wished that he would be eager to tie the knot. Now that you are engaged, he is already talking about his days of absolute bachelorhood. He seems to repeatedly point towards the freedom enjoyed by his unhitched friends. This might make you feel like he has been unwillingly coerced into marriage.

2. He has not exited the dating stage

He still takes a lot of calls in absolute privacy and tends to fib about his nighttime whereabouts. His Facebook account is still peppered with many girls. This is bound to make you feel that even though engaged, he doesn’t want to say goodbye to dating. This can make you feel rather insecure.

3. He does not trust you

He was the perfect, charming Prince during your courtship period. Post engagement, he has started behaving more like an elderly uncle. You find him questioning you all the time, questioning the smallest of buying decisions you make. He wants to know every bit about your personal and family life, making you feel he doesn’t really trust you.

4.He likes you alot but loathes your family and friends

Until now, he had worn the mask of liking your family perfectly well. Now, it is rather obvious that your mom’s cooking or your dad’s conversations about the pre-partition days don’t interest him. Already, he desists meeting your folks. Even your younger brother isn’t in his list of cherished, family members.

5. He is still an eternity away from becoming responsible

Everyone around you had told you that it is just a matter of getting engaged and guys start undergoing a process of maturation. However, you don’t find the least bit of initiative in him to take-up more responsibility. With the engagement done, he is even more relaxed about things. There are no signs suggesting that he is looking forward to being a family man

6. He wants to marry your family name

Earlier, when you met him, you could feel that spark ignite the conversations with him. Now, he doesn’t seem to be that charming anymore. In fact, he seems more interested in how much your family owns. His interests in your father’s wealth seem shockingly deep-rooted. It feels as if he chose you more for your family’s name and riches rather than who you are, as an individual.

Please understand that most of these doubts are a result of apprehensions that follows getting engaged. The exchange-of-rings is probably what it takes for some women to understand the many changes marriage would bring along. Thus, they tend to get anxious, confused with such random thoughts. It is better to sort-out such doubts via a clear conversation with your chosen one.