Chiefs, Residents, Demand ‘Tweaa’ DCE’s Return

The dismissed District Chief Executive (DCE) for the Ahafo Ano South in the Ashanti Region seems to be enjoying the support of his district over his dismissal which many critics have endorsed.

The DCE, Gabriel Barima, was dismissed because according to the presidency, he did not show any remorse for his spontaneous reaction at a public event at Mankraso, where he retorted “who said Tweaa”, because a health worker at the event had used the word to tease or disrespect him.

Mr. Barima’s dismissal has sparked controversy in his district with some assembly members, residents, members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and chiefs questioning the dismissal and demanding that he is reinstated.

Ultimate Radio’s Joseph Oppong Brenya, who visited the district capital, says a delegation of chiefs from the district, have been dispatched to the presidency to plead for his reinstatement.

Meanwhile some youth, Assembly members and a section of NDC members, held a news conference on Tuesday where they called for his reinstatement. According to them, the DCE has spearheaded massive development in the area, adding the the party will suffer the consequences if the decision is maintained. Attempts by Ultimate Radio to speak to the staff of the Mankraso District Hospital over the episode proved futile. The Hospital staff who will not speak to Ultimate Radio’s Joseph Oppong Brenya on record, say they knew the person who said ‘tweaa’ since he was among them, but could not produce him for fear of vilification and possible attack.

A vociferous sympathizer of Mr. Barima told Ultimate Radio, since his appointment, the DCE had spearheaded several developmental projects which the people were very appreciative of.

“The DCE is a good man; he doesn’t misuse the assembly’s money. He has constructed several schools and improved the livelihood of several villages in this district.”

He claimed people were deliberately doing him in because of his stiff stance against dolling out money to sycophants within the party.

Contrary to the craze and outcry about the conduct of the DCE, residents of Mankranso had no qualms with his demeanor and use of the word ‘Tweaah’. They were rather puzzled with how the word could even warrant a dismissal of a government official.

“What is wrong with saying tweaaaa!!? It has rather made him and our district popular. There is no blemish on the DCE. People have done worse things, throwing punches in public. But what has our DCE done? Has he gone for someone’s wife, has he stolen? A resident inquired.

“The people have already begun advising themselves towards the next elections if the president doesn’t heed their call to rescind his decision. “We are very sad and do not have much to say. We will only advice ourselves in the next election. All the chiefs including Assembly members and party faithful are supporting him and they are speaking to the president to reconsider his decision because of his good works in the district. So if the president will listen to some few people and to take such a decision, then we will advice ourselves,” an angry resident warned.

The Ahafo Ano South Constituency Youth Organizer of the NDC narrated to Ultimate Radio what he describes as the root cause for the DCE’s outburst which he says was due to a long standing riff between him and health workers at the Mankranso District Hospital.

He said “the Hospital once had a confrontation with the DCE after a young health worker spoke disrespectfully to him when he went to visit an NDC Vice Chairman who had been admitted at the Hospital together with another victim of a quarrel who had acid poured on him.” According to him, the nurse had stopped him from entering claiming it wasn’t time for visiting and when the nurse was prompted the man was the DCE, the nurse retorted “and so what”.

But some members of the NDC in the District have questioned the DCE’s continuous stay in office and use of Assembly vehicles despite his dismissal.

The Coordinating Director of the Ahafo Ano South District Assembly, Mohammed Yahaya, told Ultimate Radio, the regional minister who is to take over the running of the district has not visited the office since the dismissal.

He is unhappy with government’s lack of seriousness regarding the dismissal.

“Inventory has to be taken and the DCE directed to render proper accounts and hand over vehicles and property in his possession but none of these is taking place. So I don’t know why people are saying he should leave the office. That is not how things are done” he stressed.

Mr. Yahaya is unhappy with the pressure being put on the ‘tweaaa’ DCE to leave the office immediately when due procedures have not been completed.