For Married Couples: 4 Reasons You Should Have More s*x

images (12)You probably do not need much convincing when it comes to the benefits of having s*x, and often. It is, after all, one of the most primal and instinctual acts of human behavior. But beyond basic desire, there are some legitimate reasons to bump up the frequency of your s*xual experiences, like:

1. Heightened happiness

For many people, experiencing joy through s*x is an activity in rejuvenation. A study out of the University of Colorado-Boulder found that happiness increased 44 percent for people having s*x once per week compared with respondents not having any s*x. The number increased to 55 percent for respondents having s*x two or three times per week. “Does having s*x balance you? Make you feel your own identity better?” asked s*x educator and author Lou Paget. “Then be sure you make time to create those feelings.”

2. Health benefits

Having s*x is an important part of a healthy routine and deserves a place alongside eating right, working out and getting enough sleep. Findings from a Wilkes University in Pennsylvania study reveal that people who have s*x one or two times per week have stronger immunity than those having s*x more infrequently. The stress relief that accompanies s*x is also a health benefit, with research indicating that people with active s*x lives handle high-pressure situations with less anxiety.

3. Greater intimacy

Simply put, s*x brings closeness between partners – and not just in physical ways. Partners report higher levels of satisfaction in their marriages and relationships when s*x is an integral part.

Intimacy is not just found in the actual act of intercourse, either. “Let’s expand the definition of s*x – it isn’t only private part erogenous zone play,” said Paget. “Intimacy is a special state you create between you and another. Do you walk past your partner and give them a full body hug? Set cuddle time at the start or end of your day?” These actions, along with the physical act of having s*x, are vital to strengthening.

4. A way to have fun

It can be easy to forget how much fun playful, uninhibited s*x can be, especially if some time has gone by between sessions. Paget suggests that couples who may not feel “in the mood” start with some slow play and basic touching to ignite the underlying passion. “Sometimes women and men don’t have the desire click-in until they start doing something s*xual, so you may need to start rolling your s*xual car down the hill in neutral and then pop the clutch to get your s*xual engine running,” she said.

Remember that your s*xual life is your own – so embrace it.

“We have so much pressure to have the amount of s*x we think others are having but it really should be determined on a case-by-case basis,” said Paget.