Kim Kardashian lases off pregnancy stretch marks

The reality TV star and perfectionist decided she didn’t like the faint stretch marks that had appeared on her boobs post-pregnancy and so she had the zapped with a scary laser!

On the most recent episode of the family’s hit show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim visits a plastic surgeon with her pal and fellow surgery fan Jonathan Cheban to see what the doctor can do for her. She doesn’t go into the surgeons office looking for a remedy for her stretch marks, oh no. Kim originally met with Dr. Simon Ourian to discuss what she called her ‘wrinkly hands.’

“I’m, like, obsessed with my hands. I think they look really wrinkly. Is there anything to tighten them?” she asked.

As well as her not-at-all-wrinkly mitts Kim wanted a scar removing from one of her toes. Not long after this discussion takes place we’re transported to the actual surgery where Kim is having lasers to her breasts to reduced her faint (hardly even visible) stretch marks!

She also gets that pesky toe scar zapped with the help of BFF Jonathan who assists the doctor. As she receives the treatment Kim jokes, “The things you do for beauty.” Erm, the things we do for beauty include a facemask and drinking masses of boring water everyday. But that’s just us…

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