Abeiku Santana Face-Painting Raises Eyebrows

Our cameras spotted popular radio icon Abeiku Santana last Friday with his face painted in a rather extraordinary way.

It was Valentine’s Day and therefore could be explained as his way of celebrating the day. The Okay FM presenter, who recently remarried after divorcing his first wife and mother of his children, decided to step out on Friday evening in a fashionable red outfit with a touch of white and black shoes.

He however turned heads to his direction with the unusual and perhaps unique painting of love symbols on his face. But there were doubts as to whether the inscriptions on Abeiku’s face were in celebration of his love for his newly-wedded wife, Genevieve Ewurafua Forson.

This is their first Valentine’s Day after they tied the knot on Saturday September 28, 2013 and one may think that the inscriptions on his face should easily convey a message about his Genevieve.

There was a rather glaring symbol with the initials of Ghana, that is, ‘GH’ and some other love symbols, indicating his love for Ghana other than his wife on Val’s Day.