Living in holy Oyibi bush; story of the Spoken Word Church

In a striking renaissance of biblical Abraham moving with his family to Canaan, several thousands of years ago, Pastor Daniel Neville of the Spoken Word Church has led a group of faithful learned professionals to pitch camp in a bushy environment in Oyibi, tucked several kilometers from Accra.

The congregants, mostly professionals and graduates of tertiary institutions have found life in the bush dignifying, free from sin and hopefully closer to their maker.

They left their relatively well paying jobs, and hopefully well roofed-concrete-houses for tents in the bush and now survive on mushroom growing economy.

Joy News’ Manasseh Azuri Awuni discovered the new church and its faithful, and reports of a happy, ‘sin-free’ congregants ready to stay in the bush for the rest of their lives.

The congregants, some of whom are married, chided others living outside their vicinity as sinners living in Sodom.

“I admire the things here a lot. I am here with my husband. We don’t have any problem here at all. I won’t go back. I will live here for the rest of my life,” one of them said.

“There is too much homosexually there [in town]. Too much sin there. In the end it is sodom,” Kattie Dey, a former lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Languages said.

When asked if there is no sin at all in their new found home, Dey said “we try to minimize it.”

For the congregants it is a sin for women to show even their legs when they dress. Everything must be covered, except the soles of their feet.

According to Azuri Awuni, the members of the community have their church sited at Achimota and therefore move every Sunday to Church and go back to the bushy home in Oyibi, tucked at least a kilometer away from the Kas Estate.

About 20 men, 15 women and some children were seen living happily in the bush.

Pastor Dan Neville said they should not be compared to cults or other people who do not believe in hard work.

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