Winneba Denies Sacrificing Bull

Fishermen in Winneba have raised concern about the statement made by the Chorko Wulomo, Chief Fisherman, Nii Kukurudum that the bull that fishermen in Chorko caught at the sea on February 12 was offered as a sacrifice to the gods by people of Winneba.

“Nothing of that nature took please in Winneba,” the Chief Fisherman of Winneba, Neenyi Moni Kaiko IV told the GNA in an interview.

He said the allegation was not in good taste and it was calculated to tarnish the image of the people of Winneba, especially the fishermen.

Neenyi Moni Kaiko said if there would be any rites or customary performance at sea his outfit would be the first to be consulted and that since he was installed as the Chief Fishman of Effutu over the past four years he had not seen or witness any sacrifices to the gods with a cow or any other animal.

He said the Wulomo should have contacted his outfit to ascertain if a delegation he claimed was sent from Winneba was actually came from Winneba.

Nii Moni Kaiko said anybody who had evidence that the bull was offered as sacrifice should come with a proof and added that the people of Winneba were waiting for an apology from his colleague Chief Fisherman of Chorko, Nii Kukurudu.