Fire In Ashanti NDC Over World Cup ‘Chop Chop’

The pressure in the belly of deputy Minister for Youth and Sports, Joseph Yammin seems to have been deflated in his fellow party man, Kwaku Boahen who among other things is accusing the outgoing NDC regional secretary of fraud.

Kwaku Boahen the Ashanti regional youth organizer for the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) alleges that Joseph Yammin has put in place a chain of travel and tour consortium so as to enable him siphon funds from a possible contract which he is to secure from the Sports Ministry to ferry people to watch the upcoming soccer mundial in Brazil.

He alleged that the string of consortium set up by the vociferous Deputy Minister for the Brazil project is currently in motion operating in various parts of the country and said that they will make the names of the companies as well as the travel and tours public if the Deputy Minister dares him.

Speaking on Daybreak Kapital, a popular morning show in the Kumasi metropolis hosted by Kojo Marfo last week, the youth organizer also alleged that the Deputy Minister in his bid to cover up some of his fraudulent past when he operated as the party’s regional secretary, intended to hood-work the party’s vulnerable delegates to endorse his proteges as both the regional secretary and youth organizer respectively in the upcoming regional elections.

According to him, the outgoing secretary has been busily hopping from one radio station to another to trumpet the questionable attributes of his favorites so as to market them ahead of the party’s regional elections.

He noted with disdain the alleged diabolic intentions of the Deputy Minister who is also the out-going regional secretary, saying Joseph Yammin only wants to cover his checked past where he is alleged to have pocketed most of the party’s funds meant for operations in the region.

Obviously incensed by the negative campaigns against his intentions to file for a second term of office as the party’s regional youth organizer, Kwaku Boahen warned the Deputy Minister to desist from his malicious attacks on him in the media since he was equally prepared to wash the party’s dirty linen in public if it continues.

“How can you hop from one radio station to another tarnishing our reputation and maligning us just like that when you know we also can reveal your wicked actions and dealings,” Kwaku Boahen lamented bitterly.

Kwaku Boahen insisted that if Joseph Yammin has nothing to hide why is he leading a campaign for his proteges against other interested party people when the party has not even lifted the ban on public campaign.

According Kwaku Boahen, the level ground for elections should be laid fair for all interested contestants to compete and thereby offer the opportunity for discerning delegates and party executives to choose the competent ones who can do the party’s work.

Meanwhile, the office of Joseph Yammin has asked that the public give no dignity to the empty allegations which has been leveled against the hard-workings Deputy Sports Minister.

Speaking exclusively to GO on phone at exactly 16: 46 pm late Thursday, Mr. Brogya Genfi, special aide to Hon Joseph Yammin said the Deputy Minister considers the allegations “empty and frivolous.”

According to him, though the Deputy Minister has traveled he asked that the office disregard the allegations and give no credence or dignity to it since the regional youth organizer, Kwaku Booahen is only showing signs of a drowning man.

In our attempt to further dig for more responses on the allegations against The Deputy Minister, Hon Yammin’s aide urged that we give no dignity to the “empty allegations.

“My brother do not dignify these allegations because they are empty and is only intended to solicit attention for a person who seems to be drowning in the deep sea since he sees that defeat is staring him in the face,” he responded.