Everybody Is A Coach In Ghana, Daughter of Black Stars Coach Asserts

Audrey Appiah, daughter of Ghana coach Kwasi Appiah says it is a great opportunity for her dad to be the head coach of the senior national team but admits its very stressful dealing with the enormous pressure.

Audrey Appiah claims it is always difficult swallowing some of the comments and sentiments when Ghana plays but believes her dad is so strong in dealing with such situations and has never been let down by peoples sentiments.

Audrey told TV3 Talksports “Well I don’t really listen to the Ghana stations, I see it as every female, male, child everybody sees himself as a coach”.

“It is always like, why didn’t the coach do this…why didn’t the coach do that, so I don’t seem to pay much attention to it. It does hurt a bit to see someone stand somewhere and speak down on your dad and stuffs like that but I take it as human beings you cannot please everybody”.

The London-based daughter of the 53-year-old revealed that she and the family are sometimes let down by calls for her dad to be sacked for an expatriate coach to take over.

“My mum is one, she can’t take criticisms so she is always like, Kwasi this job is too much so quit and lets stay at home”.

“She is always taking the comments by people on radio personal and says some Ghanaians don’t know how to talk which is true because as I said you can’t please anybody but my dad he is strong and I see it as his passion”.

Kwasi Appiah once revealed he nearly abandoned the Black Stars before a vital World Cup decider during the qualifying campaign due to due to family pressure.