Alleged Fraudster, CK Morgan Threatens Blogger David Mawuli

After Jon Germain cautioned his fellow artistes of one 20 year old Frank Morgan popularly known as CK Morgan, he (CK) seems to be more frustrated. On last week Saturday, John Germain made it known to his fellow musicians via of how CK Morgan duped him a few weeks ago.

David Mawuli, a radio promoter, TGM Awards founder and an entertainment blog owner of granted an interview to on Sunday morning affirming the same treatment he went through with alleged fraud boy, CK Morgan. David Mawuli vividly cited the deal that existed between them some time ago and how it was abrogated by CK.

David Mawuli who was quiet after CK deceived him due to formal threat he received from him and his team was motivated to offer the interview to with all clear evidences available to vindicate Jon Germain. He made references to all his publicities, special features and online promotions for CK Morgan. He also confirmed that CK’s Wikipedia musician profile which was under deletion due to inappropriate submission and misinformation.

Just after the interview was published, David Mawuli confirmed another threat and insults from CK Morgan and her so-called assistant Jessica Wilson on both Twitter and Instagram. On Monday 10th February, 2014, CK Morgan who wasn’t exhausted by many confessions by victims posted a threat on one of David’s Instagram pictures.

He wrote (unscripted) “For lying i would be coming for u Karma is a bitch but u better be careful when u walk i finally know people that know u so be careful when UR walking the streets idiot big fat liar mtscheeeew tweeaaa ugly stupid boy”

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