National Teams Sing National Anthem With “No Sense Of Nationalism” – Dr. Agambila

Ever paid close attention to how some of our national teams sing the national anthem during international assignments? Obliviously not all Ghanaians are pleased with the way our sports men and women sing along the national tune.

Many of the players will categorically tell you that, they have never been more nervous in life than singing the national anthem before any national duty.

The three (3) stanzas lyric was originally written and composed by Philip Gbeho and adopted in 1957 by Ghanaians as the nation’s anthem.

However, only the first stanza which says “God bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong, bold to defend forever the cause of Freedom and of Right; fill our hearts with true humility, make us cherish fearless honesty, and help us to resist oppressors’ rule with all our will and might for evermore” is what has always been sung by all.

But a member of the Constitution Review Implementation Committee (CRIC), Dr. Gheysika A. Agambila has expressed much concern over how especially the senior national football team, the Black Stars sing the anthem during an international competition. According to him, the players awfully hummed the anthem. This he described as “no sense of nationalism”.

Speaking on Radio Gold’s programme, Dr. Agambila opined that “You watch our football players and when the national anthem is been played, they cannot sing along”. Nonetheless, he called on the stewards of the “Black Stars” to with mediate effect teach the players the national anthem before commencement of the 2014 FIFA World Cup which is to be held in Brazil coming June.

“I think every Black Stars player should be thought the national anthem so that when it is been played, they (players) will sing it well. Players from other countries sing their national anthems…so why can’t our players do same?” he questioned.