Don’t Dump Human Excreta At “Lavender Hill” – Court Orders AMA

The “lavender hill” at James Town in Accra will no longer exist.

This follows a ruling from an Accra Fast track high ordering the Accra Metropolitan Assembly to stop dumping waste at the “lavender hill”.

A petition filed by the Environmental Protection Agency to the Fast track high court stopped the AMA from dumping waste at the “lavender hill”.

The strong stench that emanates from the waste site compelled the residents to name it “lavender hill” due to the volume of waste materials that are dumped there and usually creates discomfort for residents in the area.

The Mayor, Alfred Oko Vanderpuije on countless occasions visited the site with the surety that the “Lavender hill” will be eliminated and replaced with a more scientific liquid waste facility with anaerobic digesters to treat the waste into organic materials for further use but the AMA have not fulfilled its promise.

The Court in its ruling asked the AMA to stop dumping human excreta in the sea.

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