Prayer For Cedi Is Not Biblical – Okudzeto

The renowned lawyer said he was baffled by the prayer to hold the Ghana currency, adding that men of God should pray for repentance.

Until the people lead righteous life for God to hear its prayer and bless the country, no amount of conjuring and commands by men of God can change anything, he said.

‘I cannot command God, God is omnipotent and maker of all things. If we can get to the level of humility to appreciate that we need to repent as a nation and people, God will bless the land,’ he noted.

Lawyer Okudzeto made the assertion during the National Bible Sabbath Celebration 2014 at the Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) Ashaiman Central branch last Saturday, which was organised by the Bible Society of Ghana under the theme, ‘The Bible and National Life.

According to the former President of the Ghana Bar Association, pastors who take part in prayer meetings and pray for the President ‘were getting it wrong.

‘They should be praying for repentance like the Israelites in the Bible who realized their problems and prayed to God and lived righteous life.

‘If you read the Bible carefully, it says if the people call Me by my name, they must realized they have sinned and must acknowledge their sins and repent their sins, then I will hear them and bless the land.

‘This is biblical and we can’t change it by human philosophy and can’t change by rattling and screaming, but can change it through humility, otherwise the Cedi can be sinking and no amount of screaming and conjuring can help it.’

Lawyer okudzeto bemoaned tribalism that is negatively affecting Ghanaian leaders, adding that many of the leaders are incompetent and have no idea about the position they are occupying.

He claimed government functionaries were stealing from state coffers to enrich themselves while the ordinary citizens wallow in abject poverty.

He noted that government officials should be worried about the plight of the poor in society.

‘There are people in government stealing our money openly and we are not saying anything because they are doing well. I think we have lost direction as a nation and we must restructure like Jeremiah, Isaiah and others.

‘Understand that the prosperity of a nation depends on the behaviour of its people. When we obey God and show concern about people, the nation will have blessing from God.

‘We are adulterating Christianity and unbelievers are just laughing at us because they think that people are commanding God to raise the cedi,’ Lawyer Okudzato said.

‘Every citizen is a shareholder in corporate Ghana and has the right to speak when things are not going well since nobody has the right to shut anybody up and it is time for the truth as a nation,’ he noted.

From Vincent Kubi, Ashaiman

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