Jocelyn Dumas Might be Getting Married Soon to Chris Agyemang

A one-on-one interview by kind courtesy Ghfylla News with Chris Agyemang a business mogul,whiles he was in Finnland this week to attend a friends grand opening of a resort,revealed his intent towards Jocelyn.

Chris Agyemang One of Ghana’s finest who is flying the flag of Ghana high in Europe and America talked emotionally about how his marriage to her norwegian girlfriend fell on rocks after intense family pressure from the girls Family.

But he was quick to say that he believes everything happens for a good reason.

According to him he was in Ghana sometime in 2011 for a while and thought of personally doing some movie projects,during the process of choosing his cast he had the opportunity of meeting Jocelyn.

He describes her as smart,pretty,easy going and a devoted christian.

He said he felt a thing for her the moment heset eyes on her,but he wasn’t able to inform her because he was ???

But he intends coming back to Ghana soon purposely to talk his better half.

In a suit and shirt as usual,wearing a broad smile,the handsome young business mogul,in his own words,i quote “I INTEND COMING TO GHANA SOON TO HAVE A CHIT CHAT WITH HER,I HAVE KEPT IT IN ME FOR FAR TOO LONG A TIME,I WOULD LOVE TO GIVE IT A SHOT,LETS SEE HOW IT GOES.

Well we are watching and listening lets see how it goes.

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