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I will marry soon – Slim Busterr


Musician and dancer, Ebenezer Asare aka Slim Busterr, yesterday disclosed that preparations are far advanced for him to get mar­ried to his sweetheart at a red carpet event.

Slim Busterr, told BEATWAVES that things are mov­ing on well for him and that sooner or later his numerous fans will hear the wedding bells.

Slim said being in a relation­ship posed some challenges to him because as a star every woman he dated expected so much from him, and when they did not realise their expectations, they felt cheated along the line, making it difficult to continue with the relationship.

Asked about his relationship status, he quickly said with a smile, “I’m now at the point of my life when I’m ready to get mar­ried, and that is what I am looking for in a relationship because I feel the desire to settle down”.

He said he is in a relationship with a lady and if things work according to plan he might get married soon to the surprise of all.

The dancer-cum-musician claimed he has never relaxed in his music career as people per­ceived but has been working on his upcoming album which will hit the airwaves pretty soon.

Since joining the music indus­try, Slim Busterr has proven, in no uncertain terms, that he reigns supreme among his contemporaries 

and continues to giant strides on the music scene through his creativity. Today, the name Slim Busterr, has become a household name in Ghana.

After releasing his album in 2008, he disappeared from the scene and left his fans, colleagues and some of the stakeholders in the creative industry wondering if they would ever set eyes on him again on stage.

Explaining reasons why he abandoned his musical career,

Slim Busterr disclosed that along the line he got fed up with the music business in Ghana.

“For the past several years, I have remained what others would consider underground. I did this in order to do other businesses including importation of musical equipment and movie production. To those fans who were told that I abandoned them, that is untrue. I only took a break to work on some projects which needed urgent attention.”

Slim Busterr who is currently working on his new album to be released in March this year and a television series, said he kept his life relatively simple working behind closed doors because his fans were still expecting more from him.

Slim Busterr entered the music industry in 1986, after he won the 1986 National Dance Champi­onship competition. Twenty years on, Slim considers himself to be a very successful musician: “To me I have been very successful when it comes to music,” he said.

He later left the shores of Ghana for UK to study Music and Sound Engineering.

On his return to Ghana, Slim Busterr decided take up music as a full time job, hence he estab­lished his own recording studio at Darkuman Junction in Accra.

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