Let’s Fight Akan Tag By Propping Up Non-Akans – Crabbe

First Vice-Chairman aspirant of the main opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Sammy Crabbe says his party must strive to give more opportunities to minority ethnic groups as a way of diffusing and shedding off the Akan tag.

Launching his campaign in Accra on Sunday, Mr Crabbe refuted claims that the NPP is a party for Akans – the largest ethnic group in Ghana.

He said the evidence on the ground doesn’t support the tribal “propaganda” used against the party by its opponents.

Mr Crabbe nonetheless said the NPP needed to do more to overturn the ethnic perception.

“We have sat down and they are bringing the propaganda to us. We need to do a lot to make sure that the minorities become active in our party. We should nurture the minorities and push them and we are doing that.”

He charged the party to “go out there and bring the minority support,” but warned that “let us not allow them to let us feel that we are not representing everybody within our political party. That is not correct at all.”