IMANI sued for non-payment of SSNIT contributions – Report

Policy think tank, IMANI Ghana has been dragged before the specialized Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) court for the non-payment of contributions of its workers, Accra-based Citi FM has reported.

Quoting an unidentified source at at SSNIT, Citi FM said a writ of summons has been served on IMANI Ghana at its Legon offices, adding that IMANI Ghana would put in an appearance this Saturday at the court. 

According to the report, the Founding President of IMANI Ghana, Mr Franklin Cudjoe, confirmed the summons.

Mr Cudjoe, the report continued, expressed surprise at the the leakage of the news to Citi FM, saying someone is up to some mischief. 

“IMANI has never really had permanent workers. But this year, we got a grant and decided that those interns who have spent more than two months we will be paying them this month. So we went to SSNIT to start the process”, he was quoted as saying.

He reportedly said: “We went to SSNIT to actually begin the process so I’m very confident that SSNIT itself will probably not be happy that somebody has leaked this issue possibly for their own good. It is very interesting but there is nothing problematic about this issue at all.

“Assuming it’s the case that these things are not being paid, that’s why they are going on their education campaign that people come forward and comply so for me, it’s a red herring. Is that not what SSNIT itself wants?” 

“Our financial status and everything is actually not in doubt so for me, it is a matter of somebody who wants to laugh at us,” Mr Cudjoe was quoted as saying.


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