Don’t Pay Attention To Pastors In The Country – Kofi Wayo Tells Prez Mahama

The leader and chairman of the United Renaissance Party (URP), Eric Charles Kofi Wayo, popularly known as Kofi Wayo, has declared that Ghana as a country collapsed long time ago.

He made this assertion in connection with the economic situation of the country when he spoke on Accra based OKAY FM yesterday. He suggested the President meet with critical thinkers like scientists, engineers, businessmen, etc. and seek their ideas to help him govern the country to enable him deal with the economic crisis rather than paying attention to pastors in the country.

Kofi Wayo was speaking in relation to news that broke out recently about Archbishop Duncan Williams spiritually commanding the official currency (Cedi) of the country to rise.

The man who has been described as very outspoken and controversial by a great section of the Ghanaian population has been a critic of the two major political parties in the country.

According to him, he is speaking against the current government not because he needs favour from the President, but because he wants the best for Ghanaians.