Some NPP Elites Want Me Out; But The Masses Count Me In – Sir John

The day of accountability is beckoning and delegates within the New Patriotic Party would seize that opportunity to flush out old executives who have underperformed or been mediocre.

It is on this note that the General Secretary for the party, Lawyer Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, has appealed to delegates to keep faith in him and trust that when retained in office, the party would surely sail back to power in 2016. Sir John, as the NPP scribe is affectionately called made this appeal on Okay FM when the issue of the party’s impending congress came up for discussion.

According to him, he has come under series of insults from some elites in the party who are preparing the grounds to flush him out soon. He further explains that he has also been tagged a “loose talker” and forced to carry unpleasant remarks on his shoulders simply because he serves the party.

But the courageous General Secretary made it clear that none of the above tactics deters him so far as he is aware the elites who dislike him are lesser than delegates with the mandate to vote. Per his calculation, those calling for his removal would not number to 200,000 as against the 5.2 million voters who voted for the party because of my good works.

“It is for the sake of the party that I have been reduced to an ordinary politician. I have sacrificed for the party and was nearly arrested and detained. Certain people point fingers at me and say all manner of things against me. They say my words are not seasoned but this is never true. But like the apostle Paul puts it in first Corinthians 9 verses 19 downwards; it is for the sake of this party that I do all this to attract people to our side”, he said.