Celebs share their Christmas wishes

By Olamide Jasanya

Kween wishes to live another 60 years!

Christmas-time comes with lots of wishes, and our favourite celebrities are not left out. In this vox pop, celebs tell NET what they’d like to have for Christmas and what their wishes are for their fans in this yuletide season.

Laide Bakare: I wish that my movie, Jejere, will be successful and I wish my fans the very best of 2013

Mike Aremu: My wish is that Nigeria be a better country and the people help bring about the peace that is required. I also wish that God helps us with a better leader. For my fans, I wish them good health and that they expect my album, Coat of Many Colours.

Fred Amata: I wish for the greatest of all love to all man because this is a season of sharing love, especially. My fans, thank them for supporting me and I wish them, a lot of love, goodwill and peace in the coming year.

Tope Alabi: I’d first of all like to state that Jesus is the reason for the season and this should reflect in everything we do this season and every day. I wish my fans a very merry Christmas and I thank them for loving me.

Kaylah: My wish for this Christmas is for a better Nigeria. A place where those suffering are well catered for and that God bless us with the right leaders. I extend to my listeners my swet wishes and I pray they see a prosperous 2013.

Kel: I wish for a vacation and I plan to spend this Christmas with my family and hopefully have a less busy day. My fans should appreciate the year and thank God in anticipation of a better one. I wish them a merry Christmas as well.

Timi Dakolo: I wish that everybody will be happy. I wish for journey mercies for all that will be travelling and my fans, I thank them for their support and I pray for a wonderful 2013.

Sound Sultan: This Christmas, I will be raising money for a friend, Kelechi, who is suffering for polio and I also wish her good health too. I wish the same for my fans and I thank them for being a part of my story since I began.

Funke Kuti: My wish is for peace, love and God’s protection for everyone. I also wish that God grant all my supporters and friends, their heart desires and I pray that 2013 will be much better for all of us.

Audu Maikori: I wish for Nigeria to go back to what it was 70 years ago when people had respect for moral values and respect for one another. For fans of Chocolate City, I enjoin them to keep their fingers crossed and stay glued to their radios because a lot is coming from the crew.

Terry tha Rapman: Since you say it’s a wish, I wish Santa could bring back my late mom, I will be very happy if that can happen. I wish my fans a lot of prosperity and happiness especially now that Nigeria is going through trying period.

Tosin Martins: I haven’t really thought about it but may be a holiday will be cool, so I can take a little break. I wish my fans merry Christmas and a better 2013.

I.D Cabassa: I wish for the peace that comes with the season and impact of it to my world. I wish all my fans a splendid season full of God’s unmerited favour and a better 2013.

Kaffy: I don’t have a Christmas wish and for my fans, I am already doing something for them. I am working to make them happy.

Kween: I wish for the grace to be alive for another 60 years because once there is life, many things can happen. I wish my fans the best, nothing but the best.

Soni Irabor: I wish that the shedding of blood will stop and everybody in Nigeria will be safe. I also pray that God puts the right leaders in place.

Joseph Benjamin: I wish for a Land Crusier prado or LR 4. I wish for a good Christmas and I plan to express love to people around me. I want to be an agent of love and I advise my fans to do same even as I wish them a very merry Christmas.

eLDee: I wish that there will be light for every Nigerian to enjoy this holiday and every other day. For my fans, I wish them the best and a prosperous new year.

Saheed Balogun: I wish that I will have my kids around me and for my fans I wish them an accident free Christmas.

Minjin: I will like to have for christmas, a new car, preferably a Range Rover. I wish my fans all the best this year and next.

Mo’cheddah: I don’t have any christmas wish. If I want anything, I get it. Christmas is a time to be thankful for all that have wished for and gotten. I wish my fans a Christmas without regret and one full of fun and with lots of happiness.

Modenine: I’m talking about only business related things. It’s all about business.

Mr Raw: I wish for long life, good health and prosperity and I advise that everybody be careful during this period. I wish my fans all the best and I pray that God continues to bless them.

Familusi Akin-Babajide: I wish for more rest. I will like to have days away from work to have a fresh start for the year. My supporters and readers of my magazine, I wish them a good time and I pray they are safe and have the best of the remaining year.

Dr SID: I don’t have any Christmas wish on my mind right now, but I wish my fans a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Tamara (winner, NMS 2011): I wish for more of God’s grace and blessings this period and I wish my fans all the best life has to offer.

Tee A: Peace, Love and Joy shared among all men. I wish for a disaster free holiday at least for once in this country, and for my fans, I wish them nothing but the best of the season.

Slam: My wish is that the North, South, East and West will be one and everybody be each other’s keeper. On a lighter note, I wish that Santa will slam me with a Rolls Royce.

Kwame: I wish for good health and I wish every other person the same and a better 2013. 2012 wasn’t a very good one for so many people. Again, I wish that there will be a reduction in the price of fuel.

Kunle Afolayan: I want a sponsorship for my next film. I wish my fans all their heart desires and I pray that the Lord keep them.

DJ Jimmy JATT: I wish for good health and good life for myself, my family and fans. I wish everybody around me all the good things that come with Christmas.

Andre Blaze: I pray for World peace and I wish that during this season, every human being have a sense of human towards each other and stop taking life too seriously.

Dayo Adeneye: I wish for a circulation of peace and stability for everybody around me. I also wish that God comfort the families of those who lost their lives this year. For my fans, partners and friends, I wish them a merry Christmas filled with prosperity and good health.

D’Tunes: I wish for a peaceful Christmas period and I pray there is no bad news for my fans because it is always the case.

Femi Adeyinka: I wish for nothing more than to be with my family and I wish my fans a merry Christmas with lots of love.

Omo Baba: I wish for peace to reign and innocent people to stop dying and of course, a stable economy. My fans, I wish them all the best and ask that they continue to encourage Nigerian comedians.

Toolz: I haven’t really thought about it, to be honest but I wish for happiness and everything that makes me smile. I wish my listeners and friends a very beautiful Christmas and a better Nigeria for everybody.

Freeze: I want a peaceful happy Nigeria for Christmas and a 2013 Range Rover sport won’t be a bad addition. I wish  my fans a splendid holiday with lots of love.

Kenny Saint Best: I’ll really like a four days get away lodging experience in a cottage hotel in an interland offering all manner of luxurious breakfast/dinner buffet experiences. I wish my fans a very safe and funfilled Christmas and a gratitude heart to appreciate God’s goodwill to them.

O.C Ukeje: I think I’d like a really relaxed day of film watching, food and the select friends and of course, a knock on the door, a parcel delivered and one new gadget. For my great supporters, I wish them a stress free season of love, peace, satisfaction and brilliant tangible gifts.

Samklef: All I want for Christmas is better things. I wish my fans God’s blessings and favour.

AY Comedian: I want a Christmas filled with fun and quality time with my family. I do know that it won’t be that easy though, because of the bookings I have lined up for the season. Notwithstanding, I will find a way around it as the head of the family. I also want a Christmas filled with laughter for all my fans, lovers and supporters of the AY brand.

Karen Igho: I want to be with my family because I haven’t seen them, you know as a busy bee that I am but we thank the Lord. I wish my fans a merry xmas and a very happy new year and I pray they will see many more years and more xmas to come but lets have fun with care because this is also the season for bad things.

Weird MC: I wish that there will be a level playing field for all artistes, that is what I want for Christmas. I also wish that my fans live to fulfil their destinies and purpose in life.

Frank Osodi: What I wish for Christmas is to hear that all the Boko Haram drama has come to an end, so I can rest well on Christmas day. You can imagine the fear that will be gripping all the Christians. I wish my fans, clients, friends and family that God will bless them with hundred fold of all that they need and want to have.

Gbenga Adeyinka: For Christmas, I wish for good health for my family, myself and all that I know and prosperity for us and our dear country Nigeria.

Eedris Abdulkarim: I will be spending time with my family and thanking my fans or their prayers and love. May their individual dreams come to stay. Amin.