Baby No. 3 on the Way for Olympian Jennie Finch

She’s back! Please say hello again to celebrity blogger Jennie Finch

After sharing her pregnancy with now 13-month-old son Diesel Dean with us, we asked the recently retired softball player for an update on family life.

It turns out that Finch had some news to break: she’s expecting her third child in January!

In addition to Baby D, the Olympian, 31 — who won gold in Athens and silver in Beijing — and her husband, pitcher Casey Daigle, are also parents to son Ace Shane, 6.

You can find Finch — author of Throw Like a Girl: How to Dream Big and Believe in Yourself – on Facebook and @JFinch27 on Twitter.

Hello again! I’m excited to be back here on after being asked how my little guy, Baby D, is doing as of his first birthday.

Diesel — yes, a unique name but it suits him perfectly! — is doing wonderfully and growing fast. He’s a big guy, cruising around as he just started walking. He’s after his big brother, Ace — who’s 6 now! — and making us smile every day.

Diesel’s outgrowing the clothes I saved from Ace so quickly. It’s unbelievable how fast the time passes. I played in the MLB All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game earlier this month, and it’s reminded me of playing the same game a year ago — Diesel was only two weeks old!

I remember being in the ladies locker room in-between all the fun things MLB has us do, pumping away and missing my little guy.

I always look forward to the All-Star festivities, and it was another great game this year. We always have a good time out there. The fans in Kansas City were out of this world — one of the best crowds I’ve had the chance to play in front of.

I got to play alongside some of the all-time legends of the game again, and since some of us have done it for a few years now, there’s such good camaraderie.

It’s always fun to meet the celebrities, too. Jon Hamm and Eric Stonestreet were fun to get to know and play with. I gave Eric the underhand fast pitch heat this year, brushing him off the home plate!

There’s a woman at my equipment company, Mizuno, who handles all the equipment needs for their baseball and softball players. She’s the glue over there, and we are all so blessed to have her.

In all the years I’ve known her, and with all the professional athletes she knows, she was flipping out that I would get to meet Jon Hamm. I wasn’t sure I should even tell her that he used my bat during the game for fear she’d faint or something, but I was able to get a picture with him.

James Denton is always a blast to play with, and Chord Overstreet was back, too, and played hard. Plus I love Paulie DeMeo — he has a heart of gold. It was his second time this year, and it was so fun to see him again. The Zac Brown Band played, and two of my friends from the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team were asked to play, too.

It was awesome to be there alongside these two guys who are such an inspiration and who have given so much for us and our freedom. They’re so young, and they’ve given so much to our country. Their view on life is incredible — their motto is that “life without limbs is limitless,” and they live that every day and give hope to and inspire others. It’s amazing to see, and they can play! Their infielder Matt Kinsey actually walked away with the MVP trophy this year.

I had a chance to play against them this winter, and decided on the spot to host a Battle on the Bayou in my Louisiana hometown. They were booked out for the year but I was excited they let us squeeze another date on their calendar. It turned out to be busy already, but we chose the date and got to work.

The community in southwestern Louisiana embraced the cause and came up big! We were able to raise more than $200,000, and are so proud! So many came together for such a great cause, it was truly one of the best things I’ve been able to be a part of.

I had a little secret through all of this, though. Casey and I are expecting our third little one in January!!

A few days before that crazy week that included MLB All-Star, the ESPYs, the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame induction for our 2004 Olympic Softball Team, a Battle on the Bayou fundraiser to benefit the Wounded Warrior Foundation, and a softball camp, I realized I’d been feeling more tired than usual and just kind of, well, strange.

I looked at Casey and said, “I have that feeling again and I think I need to take a pregnancy test.” He said, “I’ve had that same feeling” so off to the store we went. Sure enough, it came back positive.

We were so excited! I love my boys, and I just didn’t feel like I was finished having babies, so this pregnancy is truly another blessing. We’re so grateful for our family as it is, and to think that it will grow even more this winter is amazing.

I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you again this time around, too — advice, questions, anything! I read the comments, plus you can Tweet me @jfinch27.

Still dreaming and believing,

– Jennie Finch

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Baby No. 3 on the Way for Olympian Jennie Finch