Disturbing dog pic not from SA

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Picture Mxolisi Madela

A picture of a mutilated dog’s face — a victim of a firework being thrown at it — does not originate from South Africa.

“We have established that the visual originates from the USA,” said National Council of SPCAs spokesman Chris Kuch in a statement.

The e-mail, which has been doing the rounds, calls the public to question the actions of the SPCA in assisting with cases of animal abuse.

According to Kuch, calls for the public to address the media so that “something [could] be done” about the level of abuse faced by animals, was also actioned in the e-mail.

“We understand the outrage of everyone who sees this visual but…it serves little purpose other than to upset others and arguably to put shocking ideas into the heads of irresponsible and cruel people,” he said.

“We again emphasise that the incident did not occur in South Africa. There is no indication of the time factor (it could have happened years ago). Our resources are already under severe pressure at this time of the year yet they are being stretched further by having to respond to mails and calls from concerned people.”

Kuch said that people with strong anti-fireworks views could visit www.spca.co.za to sign a pledge on the matter. – IOL

Disturbing dog pic not from SA