Octomom — Dumped by Manager

Octomom Dumped by Manager

If you’re wondering why Octomom’s Facebook, Twitter, and Ustream accounts have all been suddenly deleted … it’s because the mother of 14 has just been dropped by her management team — TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Nadya Suleman tell us, it’s all because Octo was the ultimate flake — her management team would book her on paying gig after paying gig … and Nadya “would find any reason” to cancel last minute … often claiming she couldn’t find a babysitter.

We’re told Octomom was great the past year — raking in lots of dough through appearances and different celebrity events — but getting her to work the past couple months has been like pulling teeth.

By the end, we’re told it was nearly impossible even to reach Octo by phone — and her managers had just about enough … so they dropped her this weekend.

We reached out to Octomom’s now-former manager Gina Rodriquez — who replied, “I quit on her because she is unmanageable. She would not reply to anything work-related we would call or text about especially if it was not paid.”

Gina added, “Regardless of the $70k we made her, she still claimed to not be able to pay any of her bills. We no longer wanted a part of any of it and we feel sorry for the children.”

Attempts to reach Nadya were unsuccessful.

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Octomom — Dumped by Manager