Increase in LPG price should not discourage domestic use – NPA

The National Petroleum Authority has downplayed the impact of the recent increase in the price of LPG on domestic consumers.

There have been suggestions many who use gas in cooking would be discouraged by the 30 percent hike to go back to charcoal and firewood, thereby leading to a further degradation of the environment.

But Public Relations officer at the Authority Yaro Kasambata disagrees, insisting that gas is “still a cheaper alternative compared to charcoal or firewood”.

He tells Joy Business government could not continue subsidizing the product because it has achieved its objective of reducing the overdependence on firewood.

“The consumer will also make a rational decision: do I have to go through the pain of a smoky kitchen, inhaling all these toxic smoke than to pay a little bit more for a clean energy where you can set up in a modern kitchen.”

Yaro Kasambata maintained that there is still some level of subsidy on LPG despite the recent increment.