Jehovah’s Witnesses hold district convention in Wa

Jehovah’s Witnesses, a Christian sect, spent 1.6 billion hours in 2010 preaching the Gospel of Jesus in 236 countries using 500 different languages across the globe.

The Witnesses used 2,700 translators in translating their literature into the 500 languages and held eight million free Bible Study sessions to spread the Good News to people without thinking of any financial gains.

Rev. Joseph Adu-Gyamfi, a Minister of Jehovah’s Witnesses, said this during a two-day District Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Wa.

He said Jesus Christ did not tell his disciples to sit at one place and wait for people to come and listen to the Gospel but rather commanded them to go into the world and preach the news about God’s Kingdom to people.

Rev. Adu-Gyamfi said this was something most Christian Clergy apart from Jehovah Witnesses failed to do.

The convention which was on the theme: “Let God’s Kingdom Come,” sought to strengthen people’s faith in the reality of the Kingdom.

The Witnesses believe that the request for God’s Kingdom in the Lord’s Prayer had profound meaning, but not known to many people.

He said Jehovah’s Witnesses believed that the answer to that Prayer will bring significant changes to the earth and mankind, hence, the focus of the convention to offer intriguing detailed explanation to that effect for people to understand.

Brother Julius Dery Zon, advised Christians to exercise self control in order not to damage their relationship with God.
He said sexual immorality had become like a revolution and Christians needed to exercise self control to sustain their relationship with God.