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Monday, May 23, 2022

Tapgun rallies support for single six-year tenure

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Jos – Former governor of old Plateau State, Amb Fidelis Tapgun has expressed support for the single six-year tenure being proposed for the president and governors by President Goodluck Jonathan. He, however,  challenged those condemning the proposal to come up with alternatives.

Tapgun said in an interview with Vanguard yesterday that the proposal would promote stability in the polity and make contest for the seats less rancorous since no incumbent would be contesting.

He advised that rather than  assume that President Jonathan has an agenda, he should be given the benefit of the doubt,     having said he would not be a beneficiary of the proposal.

Tapgun said: ”I honestly think that rather than conclude that he is out to elongate his tenure, we should look at the merit of the proposal. We all know the problem that has been associated with this second term thing where incumbents concentrate more on scheming for a second term instead of governance.

”So it is not really something new because many people have proposed this in the past and if as President who is in position to know what is best for the country, Jonathan feels that this is good and has equally said he was not going to benefit from it, then I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt”.

Tapgun who expressed support for the proposal said people should not just condemn it without offering alternatives, since improving the country’s democracy was a patriotic duty of all.

He added: ”It is a good thing and I support it. It will reduce a lot of  problems we are facing in our democracy, especially this issue of second term. I think the proposal is in order and people should look at it critically rather than just condemning it”.

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Tapgun rallies support for single six-year tenure

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