Kevin Keegan claims Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish ‘knows the club’ like Bill Shankly


    By Andrew Kennedy

    4 Mar 2011 13:29:00

    EPL,Kenny Dalglish,Liverpool vs Everton(Getty Images)

    EPL,Kenny Dalglish,Liverpool vs Everton(Getty Images)

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    Kevin Keegan has hailed Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish, stating the Scotsman knows the club just as well as legendary boss Bill Shankly.

    Former Newcastle United manager Keegan also said Dalglish will need time to turn around the Merseyside outfit’s decline in recent years.

    He told Absolute Radio: “No disrespect to the ones who have been there before him, because Roy Hodgson and Rafael Benítez are good men.

    “But he knows the club just like Bill Shankly knew the club. He cares about the club, he knows what it takes, he knows what the people want, you know, and I guess he’d have a good idea of how he can provide that over a period of time.

    “He will need time, it’s not going to be one of these jobs you’re going to step into and solve the problems of the last four or five years of a club that has been in decline.

    “You’re not going to solve those problems over two or three months, but get some better players in because a lot of the players that Liverpool have signed over the last couple of years, two, three, four years, have not really been good enough.”

    The former England boss also believes current Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp is the right man to take the national job, but raised questions about the number of English players plying their trade in the top flight.

    “I don’t see too many candidates who are English at the moment to be the next England manager, probably Harry Redknapp would be one, after that I don’t see too many at the moment,” he added.

    “If he came and said ‘I’ve got the chance to take the job’, I would say ‘take it’, because it’s a job that no English person could refuse.”

    He continued: “When I was England manager I went to watch Arsenal play Chelsea, I was sat next to the French manager at the time, he had 14 players on the pitch and I had one, and we were watching an English Premier League match.

    “Now that’s not a bad thing if I could have gone to Paris the next day and watched a French game with him sat next to me and I had 14 English players and he had one, but, of course, that’s not the case, there’s hardly an English player playing abroad anywhere that I can think of.”

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    Kevin Keegan claims Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish ‘knows the club’ like Bill Shankly