Bad King John? Nope, he’s utterly terrible


    Ironclad desperately wants to be a historical blockbuster along the lines of Braveheart. Sadly, it has more in common with Monty Python And The Holy Grail.

    Paul Giamatti is terrible as King John, battling the barons who made him sign the Magna Carta: a mixture of pantomime villain and Colonel Gaddafi. Traces of an American accent don’t help.

    He is opposed by a sort of medieval Magnificent Seven, led by Knight Templar James Purefoy, arguably the least charismatic warrior since Clive Owen in King Arthur, and blustering, blokey baron Brian Cox, who seems to have been taking acting lessons from Brian Blessed.

    Together with effete aristo Derek Jacobi and his smouldering, sexually frustrated young wife Kate Mara, they defend Rochester Castle from King John and his Danish mercenaries.

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    Bad King John? Nope, he’s utterly terrible