AD calls for effective security measures


    The Alliance for Democracy has called for effective security measures and orientation for the people in order to end ethnic and religious violence in the country.

    According to the News Agency of Nigeria, National Secretary of the AD, Alhaji Rafiu Salau, made the call in a statement on Thursday.

    The statement said the party was concerned that Plateau, the home of peace and tourism, had been experiencing violence for a very long time.

    According to the statement, “only effective security can bring to book those involved in the shedding of innocent blood.”

    It urged the Federal Government to upgrade the security system in the country by providing adequate operational equipment in times of uprisings.

    “The nation needs security forces which will have the capability to protect the life and property of every citizen,’’ the AD said.

    The party, therefore, urged the people to embrace each other and shun ethnic and religious differences “because no one will be judged in that respect.

    “There is strength in diversity, to get the benefits of diversity, the citizens have a role to play. Every citizen must love and protect his or her neighbour.

    “All citizens must be committed to the creation of a godly nation where no human being shall face discrimination or death because of his or her gender, tribe, race or religion.

    “Violence cannot be used to turn a nation into a state of one gender, one tribe or one religion,” the party noted.

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    AD calls for effective security measures