Nokia Youth Entrepreneurship Programme Expands


    An initiative by a not-for-profit organization, Junior Achievement (JA), and Nokia to encourage Ghanaian youth in secondary schools to develop interest in entrepreneurship seems to be yielding fruits.

    Known as the Enterprise without Borders (EwB), the initiative aims at helping to build entrepreneurial partnership between schools in Africa, Middle East, Europe and the United States of America.

    Under the initiative, student enterprises are set up and they engage in cross-border businesses via the internet.

    To further strengthen the programme, students from Half and Half Trade at Lambertseter Secondary School, Oslo, Norway, were in Ghana to, among other things, sign a joint venture agreement with a Ghanaian student enterprise, Giant Link.

    The students also participated in diverse cultural activities.

    Giving further details about the EwB initiative, the Executive Director of JA, Jefferson Agbai, explained that the cross border international partnerships were facilitated through the EwB portal. “Teachers and students register for participation and students upload their company profiles and enter an entrepreneurial dating game,” Mr. Agbai added.

    He indicated that EwB was about students sharing good ideas, selling each other’s products in each others’ markets and visiting each other’s markets.

    He further explained that the portal operated as a web-shop, and the products and services of the companies registered could all be viewed there.

    On his part, the Head of Communications for Nokia West Africa, Osagie Ogunbor, said Nokia was proud to be associated with the EwB initiative, which essentially promotes innovation and creativity among youths. He said the values being promoted among the youths through the EwB reflected Nokia’s values. The EwB, which began in Ghana in 2009, has reached over 200 students across five regions in Ghana.

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