I Won’t Neglect Fishing Industry – Nana Tells Fishermen


    The Fishermen Friends of Nana Akufo-Addo (FIFNAA) have declared their unflinching support for the 2012 presidential candidate of the NPP, Nana Akufo-Addo ahead of the 2012 general elections.

    The group took advantage of Nana Addo’s visit to the Central region and called on him in Assin Fosu Thursday to declare their support for him and to assure him that they would “campaign vigorously for him to win the elections in 2012.”

    In a brief speech, the chairman of the group, Nana Kofi Egyir noted that “we have decided to declare our support for Nana Addo because the NDC government has disappointed us. They have turned a blind eye to our plights and have refused to fulfill the campaign promises they made to us during the 2008 elections. They promised to ban trolling but they have not. The prices of all our fishing equipment are going up every passing day and it is affecting all of us in the industry.”

    He continued that “another problem is the closing down of the Fisheries ministry by the NDC government. We find that quite insensitive on the part of the NDC government.”

    He assured Nana Addo of their support and appealed to him to pay attention to the fishing industry when he comes to power in 2012 by the Grace of God.

    On his part, Nana Addo thanked them immensely for throwing their support behind him and assured them that all these concerns that they have raised have been noted by him and his campaign team and that “if we work hard together as a team, and the Ghanaian people vote us back to power in 2012, I will not neglect the fishing industry.”

    He continued that “yours is a vital industry and I cannot understand how any government can just neglect you.”

    Nana Addo remarked that “earlier this year a similar delegation called on me in Accra to also declare their support for me and I realize that the fishing community is supporting the NPP strongly in the upcoming 2012 general elections.”

    In conclusion Nana Addo stressed that “I said to them then and I will repeat it here, that when important groups like the fisher folks begin to openly declare their support for a presidential candidate, you can be hopeful that the power is coming. Let me thank you one more time and assure you that we would work closely together and come back to power to take the Ghanaian people out of the suffering and deprivation that the NDC government has brought on them.”

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