Dialogue disputed in Yemen


    From Mohammed Jamjoom, CNN

    Yemeni protesters demonstrate against President Ali Abdullah Saleh during a massive anti-regime rally in Sanaa on Wednesday.


    • Yemen’s government says it’s in dialogue with the opposition
    • The opposition denies it
    • Yemen protesters are demanding the president step down

    (CNN) — Confusion reigned in Yemen on Thursday with the ruling party claiming that it is continuing a dialogue with the opposition — and the opposition denying it.

    “We will not have any dialogue with the ruling party. Our only demand is that this regime leaves and then we can talk about dialogue,” said opposition bloc spokesman Mohammed Al-Qubati.

    The two sides both said that the opposition delivered a list of five points to the ruling party via a committee of Islamic scholars, but did not agree on whether it was a “plan,” as the government says, or “advice for the ruling party,” as the opposition says.

    Opponents of Yemen’s long-time President Ali Abdullah Saleh have been demonstrating against him since the beginning of the year, part of the wave of popular protests that has been crashing over the Arab world.

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