Boss Romping With His Secretary Is YouTube Hit


    A saucy video showing a boss romping with his secretary in front of a blind office worker has become an internet hit after it was uploaded on YouTube.

    The clip shows the boss praising the blind clerk for his work while he silently strips off for a sex session with his PA in the computer print room.

    And when the worker finally leaves the room, the pair fall on the floor to begin frantically making love with their groans of passion drowned out by the noise of the printers.

    The ad – produced by the Norwegian Association for the Blind – closes with the line: “If you want to avoid gossip at work then hire a blind person. It’s a funny advert but the point is to make people think positively about blind employees.

    “The blind man in the advert knows his job inside out and you’re never quite sure if he knows what’s really happening or if he’s just being discreet,” explained a charity spokesman.

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    Boss Romping With His Secretary Is YouTube Hit