Aregbesola blasts critics of Appeal Court judges



    Osun State Governor Rauf Aregbesola has criticised of the Court of Appeal panel which declared him governor last November 26.

    The governor described the judges who decided the petition at the appellate level as  righteous, forthright, courageous and God-sent.

    Aregbesola delivered a speech at the Third Annual Bar Lecture of the Ikirun Branch of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA). 

    He spoke on ‘Electoral Matters: Avoiding the Past Mistakes in 2011 General Elections” at MicCom Hotel, Ada.

    He said: “We were the first to accuse them of fraud and attempting to manipulate the judiciary. They are yet to acquit themselves and therefore lack the moral authority to turn around and accuse anybody without any verifiable fact.

    “It is most regrettable that these scoundrels never made the slightest attempt at examining the judgment and fault the reasoning of the court. That would have amounted to their eggs colliding with the rock.

    He said the case before the court was clear while his legal team was able to establish indisputable cases of electoral malpractices and discrepancies sufficient enough to warrant the nullification of the results in the disputed 10 local governments before the court.

    He said: “How could the court have discountenanced credible evidence presented in open court of Alhaji  SOA Nofiu in Ife Central signing nine of the 11 INEC’s form EC8B when by law he is entitled to sign for one ward?

    “In the 10 local governments, open recount of ballot papers in the court showed huge discrepancies between actual ballots and figures recorded for PDP with incontrovertible evidence of multiple voting, some as high as 52 per cent. In one instance, one of the crooks engaged in thumb-printing the ballot had a scar on his thumb and this showed in all the ballot papers he thumb-printed. It does not even require a forensic analysis to discover this.

    “With these overwhelming evidence presented by us, only corrupt and compromised judges would have given judgment against us?”


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    Aregbesola blasts critics of Appeal Court judges