Unblushing Leaders


    How can the leaders of this country be so shameless in spreading horrible news that will maculate the image of the country? The leaders of the country must learn how to solve problems that arise in
    the country.

    In recent time, a lot of issues have arise and these issues have been taken as a political statements and the most worrisome thing is that whiles political members try to comment about the issues, they end up creating another issue for the mass media to disseminate.

    In recent time, the 2012 NPP Presidential candidate, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, unleashed a firestorm with remarks made to party faithful at Koforidua. He addressing the party faithful, Nana, a little in the moment and frustrated by the plight of NPP foot-soldiers, urged the party faithful to be courageous and to be prepared to fight for victory. According to the “Daily Graphic”, Nana said “For the 2012
    elections, “all die be die” and we are going to match the NDC boot for boot and nothing will be left to chance.”

    Elsewhere, the NPP candidate said “They say we Akans are feeble or afraid and that once violence breaks up, we ran away but I want to disabuse the minds of such people that we are brave and courageous
    people just like our forebears who founded our political tradition.” This statement Nana made raised a lot of debate both on air and indoors, every Ghanaian need to know that whoever makes a statement is having his or her own interpretations and his meaning alone must be taken into consideration.

    Nana should have known also that he talking to NPP faithful means addressing the public and all Ghanaians through the party faithfulness and so he should have known how to make his statements. Nana’s statement should have been very clear and less ambiguous for the common Ghanaians to even understand every single detail. Nana also made a big mistake by talking in a tribalistic manner thinking he was addressing only Akans.

    As if that was not enough for the country and its investors, the president of the country also in an instance commented about the statement made by Nana on an august moment that very single Ghanaian was alert for the address. During the state of the nations
    address, the president of the country President Prof. John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills said and I quote “Madam Speaker, as Commander-in-Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces, and having sworn to protect the integrity of Mother Ghana, I have put the security agencies on red alert and they are under strict instructions to deal decisively
    within the ambit of the law with anybody or group of persons who will attempt to disturb the peace and stability of this dear nation of ours.”

    He continued, “We will not sit idly by and allow some persons to throw this country into a state of chaos just to satisfy their self-centered and inordinate political desires.” This statement made by the president I hope he really knows what he said, because the term “red alert” is a military tem used to show the readiness of the military for war, it is the last period in the life of the military before war, it is usually one hour or less before war. So the president saying this I know he is not willing to scare the
    investors of the country away, because the term is very alarming. The question of the time is that if the president is ready to prevent any one from putting fear into the country for his or her selfish interest, then why was he not able to prevent the foot soldiers on that day? He said “Ghana will not die; Ghana will live to proclaim the glory of God”. Then what about the foot soldiers Mr. President?

    Another most unimaginable thing is the statement made by Mr. Kennedy Agyapong, threatening and raining insult on Alhaji Bature because of a statement the journalist made, though the statement made by the journalist might be false, there is still the need for the Honourable to keep the air free of those insults and threats. Oh leaders of this country what are you teaching the up- coming generations and leaders as well as the outside world, I think it is time for our leaders to stop all these things and focus on more important things that will aid development and unity and not those that will bring retardation and instability.

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