Lydia Forson: There is no nudity in Ghanaian movies


    Lydia ForsonActress, Lydia Forson has exhibited ignorance about the latest trends in the Ghanaian movie industry saying that “there is no nudity in Ghanaian movies”.

    She accused this journalist of misapplying the word “nudity” which according to her means “to go naked or without wearing clothes”.

    Lydia Forson criticized him for soliciting her views on the increasingly extreme sex scenes that have characterized Ghanaian movies in recent times.

    According to her, the question of what can be done to reduce that trend in Ghanaian movies is a nonstarter saying “there are better things to talk about than this”.

    Though there has been public outcry about rate at which “pornography” is creeping into Ghanaian movies,  Miss Forson tells Adom Entertainment News “there is nothing like nudity in Ghanaian movies. Forgive me for correcting the English, nudity means going completely naked I have not seen anybody completely naked. If you people want to ask questions, you have to look for the right word, are you people talking about sex scenes or nudity?” she asked.

    She claimed that sex in movies is not new; it has been there for years and people are talking about it now because of the way it is done.

    She however said some producers misuse sex scenes which are of no relevance to the movies.

    Story: Kwaku Adu Kumi/Adom Entertainment News

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