Guru creating confusion among women in new song


    “The story is told of ladies who go to church and later end at night clubs”, Guru explains the concept behind his new single titled “MAA KUO”. Listen to Maa Kuo by Guru

    The Empire entertainment artiste is best known for calling a spade a spade no matter the condition, this he does in a more spectacular way in the ‘MMAA KUO’ video, shot by STIP for Solid Multi Media.

    ‘MAA KUO’ (women’s organization in churches) signifying cleanliness among ladies in churches has now been taken for a child’s play and the artiste is using his medium to create the awareness.

    One unique thing about the song is, apart from gaining positive information; it is also more danceable with so much rhythm meeting any occasional function.

    Guru’s ‘MMAA KUO’ video joins his classical music collection he has released so far and the artiste promises fans of nothing less than music pleasing to their ears.

    You need to watch or listen to the song in order to have a feel or judge his awareness creation about these young ladies in our churches now and also enjoy his newly improved lyrical machine gun.

    “MAA KUO”, who is innocent and who is guilty.

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    Guru creating confusion among women in new song