Chuck Lorre: 2 ½ Things to Know About Charlie Sheen’s Boss


    The latest TV drama to grab viewers’ attention is not on the small screen: It’s the clash of TV titans Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre, the star vs. the creator of Two and a Half Men.

    So just who is the man behind the scenes of the successful TV show that’s kept Sheen in steady employment for the past eight years?

    Born Charles Levine in 1952, the twice-married Lorre got an inauspicious start as a short-order cook and soda jerk at his dad’s luncheonette on New York’s Long Island before going into TV writing, and finally making it big as an executive producer.

    Thing 1: Tough but Likeable
    A 2007 Entertainment Weekly profile labeled him “the angriest man in television,” but many who work with him say he’s a good boss.

    “He’s a great guy and treats the crew and everybody really well,” says a source on the set of Men. “He throws nice parties for the crew and invites a lot of people over to his place for the opening of the [show] season and gets it all catered.”

    Adds the source, “Chuck isn’t one to avoid a confrontation. If Chuck gets a little bit perturbed, he can get really strict. He likes to do things his way, period. There’s no other way.”

    Known as a hands-on producer, Lorre has worked on Roseanne and Dharma & Greg, and has recently been running three shows at once: Two and a Half Men, Mike & Molly and The Big Bang Theory.

    Thing 2: Vanity Card Author

    He’s also known for creating the industry’s wordiest vanity cards – those production company logos that show up after the credits.

    Chuck Lorre: 2 ½ Things to Know About Charlie Sheen’s Boss