April polls ‘ll make or mar Nigeria – Braithwaite


    By Etop Ekanem

    Founder of the defunct Nigeria Advanced Party, NAP, Dr. Tunji Braithwaite, has called for a revolution in the country, saying the April  elections will be the spark needed for the revolution.

    Dr. Braithwaite, who spoke, yesterday, at a political summit organised by the Traders’ Rights Protection Initiative, an umbrella body for traders in the country, said, Nigerians should not bother to vote during the elections,  because the results of the yet-to-be conducted elections had already been determined.

    He said Peoples Democratic Party, PDP-led Federal Government was not capable of conducting a free and fair election because the culture of honesty was not there and that the structures needed for credible elections were yet to be put in place.

    “You are here to sensitise your group on how to vote, but I make bold to say that there is no need sensitising your group about voting, because the politicians are fooling you.

    “A nation where there is no infrastructure such as electricity, potable water, housing, good road network cannot conduct credible elections. The purpose of revolution is to destroy tyranny and corruption. Even when you are given amenities and there is corruption, it is your responsibility to tackle it,” he added.

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    April polls ‘ll make or mar Nigeria – Braithwaite