Madonna – Madonna’s Daughter Cringes At Fashion Choices


    Madonna’s teenage daughter, Lourdes, cringes over her youthful fashion mistakes.

    The 14-year-old starlet – who designs her own label Material Girl with her pop star mother – has revealed she often looks back on clothes she wore when she was younger and wonders what she was thinking.

    She said: “I used to look at the outfits that I wore when I was 11 and I was like, ‘That’s really ugly.’ I mean, I just thought I was the coolest kid ever and actually wasn’t.”

    While Madonna loves to steal clothes from Lourdes’ closet, the fashionable teen revealed her mother doesn’t appreciate it when she in turn tries to borrow from her.

    Asked if her mother steals her style, Lourdes replied: “She does actually, she wears my shoes a lot and she wears my accessories, and I go into her closet. I’m not supposed to take things without asking, but she’s always taking things without asking. I mean, she gets mad at me when I take things without asking her, but. she has such amazing like clothes, so it’s like kind of annoying sometimes.”

    Lourdes also revealed how her mother gives her clothing budget but she always tried to push it.

    She said: “Obviously, there’s a limit and my mom will get mad if I spend too much. She kind of says when you don’t really need it, you don’t need to go shopping. But I always end up kind of…pushing it.”

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    Madonna – Madonna’s Daughter Cringes At Fashion Choices