Kufuor Never Disowned Nana Addo, His Response Was A Vote Of Confidence – Frank Agyekum


    Mr. Frank Agyekum, Spokesperson for ex-president John Agyekum Kufuor, has dismissed attempts to portray the former President’’s response to the “all die be die” question as a snub and betrayal of Nana Addo.

    According to Mr. Agyekum, “anybody who thinks in that vein already has mischief built in his mind.”

    Briefing the presidential press corps at the Osu-Castle yesterday, after his historic meeting one-on-one meeting with President Mills, ex-president Kufuor calmly gave his answer to the “all die be die” question which was posed to him as “please, why don’t you ask the one who said it in the first place”.

    Mr. Frank Agyekum explained that at every given opportune time, Nana Addo has explained the reason for saying “all die be die”. To him, the question on “all die be die” remark was skewed for a “particular” response from the ex-president, to serve the purpose of making Kufuor’s answer dominate the “headlines for the next two to three weeks so that anything that Nana Addo does is eclipsed by what President Kufuor has said.”

    According to the former Deputy Minister of Information, Mr. Kufuor’s reply was apt because he wanted all attention to be focused on the NPP Flagbearer, and dismissed the talk that he had left Nana Addo in the cold.

    “It was also a vote of huge confidence in Nana Addo, to say that Nana Addo is capable of dealing with his own issues… it is unfortunate that people have put such interpretation on it, because he never mentioned that he didn’t support Nana Addo”

    In sum, the ex-president Kufuor simply wanted to impress upon Ghanaians that “I have a candidate, I trust his ability, if you have any problem go and ask him,” Mr. Agyekum.

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    Kufuor Never Disowned Nana Addo, His Response Was A Vote Of Confidence – Frank Agyekum