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Why I spent Valentines’ day with the less priviledge

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Morenike Hope Kasumu a final year student of Environmental Biology at the Ladoke Akintola University, Ogbomosho, Oyo State. She was crowned Miss Ondo State last August by the wife of Governor Olusagun Mimiko, Mrs Kemi Mimiko, at a beauty pageant put together by Silverstone Communication in conjunction with NTA Akure. She also participated in the last Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageant held in Plateau State flying the banner of the Sunshine State. In this interview she revealed why she chose to spend the last Valentine Day with the less privileged among others. Excerpts:

Hazeez Balogun

Who is Miss Ondo State?

I am Morenike Hope Kasumu. I am in my early 20’s and from a family of four. I am a final year student of the Ladoke Akintola University in Ogbomosho where I study Environmental Biology. I was crowned Miss Ondo State last year August and since then have been able to embark on some projects with the assistance of the Ondo State First Lady, Her Excellency Mrs Kemi Mimiko.

I am working on how to reduce malarial infection in our society and already I have gotten over 500 treated mosquito nets but yet to be distributed. However, very soon I will be do that. I also have passion for the less privilege people, although I have gone on visitation to some of the motherless homes, prison yard, old peoples homes, and orphans in the state I will still be doing more of it now.

What motivated you for this competition?

I want to believe that it is the passion I have for the less privileged ones and for the fact that I am privileged there are some outside there that do not have this kind of privilege I am having. So, my thought was if I should get that crown with I got, that I would be able to impact in my own ways and show love. That was my major motivation.

Did you inform your parents on this competition and how did they take it?

I didn’t inform them about the competition all I thought was that let me try my best again.

Why and have you participated in any pageant before then?

Yes I once participated in a beauty pageant — Miss Oyo State. When I contested for Miss Oyo State they really supported me but I didn’t win so my father was like I should hold till I finish my first degree, that after my first degree I can now put in for any fashion show and even modelling but my mummy was like since I have the passion for it I should keep on trying my best. She encouraged me a lot on the needs for me to be more focused and determined in anything I do. So when I wanted to contest for this beauty pageant I didn’t inform them but my younger ones were aware of it, and of course it was during my six months industrial training, So I seized the opportunity to contest and I won. After learning of my success, they both sat me down and gave me pieces of advice and here I am today.

One of your achievements as a beauty queen is the love you have for the less privileged. Is that the reason why you celebrated this year’s valentine with these special children?

I want to thank God for allowing me to achieve this today. Valentine is all about celebrating and showing love to people around you, mostly those you see as special people. Before today I have always wanted to show more love to this people and I will use this medium to thank the management and staff of the home I have visited today for the love they gave me in return.

How do you feel celebrating this year’s valentine among these special children?

If I had my ways I would do better than this for them, the kind of warmth I received from the chief matron, Mrs Caroline Awotunde and the welfare officer (social worker) Mrs Ajibo of the Better Life Motherless Home at Oba nle, school for the physically handicapped (Otun Ireti) at Ikare Akoko and the Ondo State School for the Visually Impaired (Blind) Owo Town and the children is a joy on its own. You can imagine at the school for the blind the children said they had been preparing for my visit, to the extent that I was entertained by one of their students called Kayode and I must say that I felt fulfilled.

What are the challenges you are facing?

No one in this life can escape from his or her own challenges but I want to thank God for assisting me to over come all the challenges. It is not easy to be a queen in another man’s land but all the same I thank the almighty God.

How do you cope as a student and a beauty queen in terms of your relationship with the people around you?

Actually being Miss Ondo State has not really taken much from me I am always myself despite the fact that I am a queen but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t relate with my friends. Any where I go, it is easy for people to recognise e as a queen because I do feature a lot on television and radio programmes. So whenever people approach me, I appreciate it and relate to them very well.

How do you blend your role as Miss Ondo State and your academics?

I have my programmes drawn and I move by my schedule. During my lecture period I am always in school but any break or weekend I am always in Ondo State. In most cases I followed my scheme plan so I have no problem.

How cordial is the relationship between you and her excellency despite the fact that you are not from Ondo State?

Her Excellency Mrs Kemi Mimiko has been like a mother to me and she has been very supportive right from the day she crowned me as Miss Ondo State despite the fact that I am from Oyo State. I want to specially thank her for everything. She is a mother indeed

How do you handle your male admirers?

I am used to that even before I was crowned as Miss Ondo, so I know how to handle that and I am used to that. That is not a problem or challenge, they have to appreciate me.

How sociable and fashionable are you?

I am not that kind of a party girl but due to my status as Queen I do attend parties once in a while. I am fashionable to some extent and am into make up.

Are you in any relationship?


Why no, with this beauty?

Not that I don’t have admirers but I don’t want distraction for now, I have my career ahead of me and a lot to do, so I don’t think relationship is what I need for now. And don’t forget I have my modelling career waiting for me.

What is your next action of contesting?

God’s willing, I am hoping to contest for Face of Africa but before then I will want to re-groom myself and prepare for the competition.

How do you maintain your beauty?

I take a lot of fruits and I don’t eat late so I believe that is one of my secrets.

Now that you are through with school, are you planning to start your own NGO?

I have just rounded off in school, I wish to start an NGO because we still have more physically challenged people in our society and our government can’t do all, when I am ready I will surely let you in but for now I have other projects I am working on.

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Why I spent Valentines’ day with the less priviledge

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