“It Would Be Suicidal To Increase MPs’ Salary”


    An Industrial Relations Consultant, Ralph Abodakpi has warned that the President’s Committee on Emoluments must not entertain the demand for a pay rise by Members of Parliament, saying their demand for increased pay cannot in any way be justified.
    Members of Parliament are set to recommend that their salaries be pegged at Gh¢7,000 per month.
    Speaking to Citi News Mr Abodakpi said the MPs knew of the difficulties ahead before they made themselves available to be elected for that position. “It is unfair; these MPs presented themselves to be elected. They said ‘give me this job and I will do it for you,’ after we have elected them to become MPs you now tell us that the work is too difficult and now you demand more money in order to serve”.
    “We have not told them to stand for elections so they must sacrifice as Ghanaian workers are sacrificing to keep Ghana going. Under the current circumstances of the Ghanaian economy I am opposed to this.”
    Mr Abodakpi told Citi News that it would be suicidal for the Mills-Mahama administration to give in to the MPs’ proposal, as it would most likely set organised labour on a collision course with the government.
    “The flood gates would then be opened for the Trades Unionists to take a cue from that because there would be serious demands at the enterprise level, at the regional level, and the national union level for increase in workers’ salary”.
    “If the Presidential Committee on Emoluments approves of this then they must be prepared for all the demands that would come for increase in salaries”.
    “If the MPs can say that the salaries they are taking under the current economic condition in Ghana is embarrassing then they should go to the Ministries and see what people are taking. People have been working there for over 30 years and you would be surprised how much they take as a take home pay”.