Chief Remanded In Prison For Fraud


    The Kade District Magistrates’ Court, presided over by Mr Abdul Majid Iliasu, on Friday remanded in prison custody, Agya Owusu, a distiller and Asonahene of Otumi, for defrauding an elderly woman of GH¢160.
    Owusu pleaded guilty with explanation and despite the fact that he refunded GH¢150 of the amount in court, the magistrate expressed disgust at his behaviour.
    Police Detective Corporal Owusu Achiaw, prosecuting, told the court that, the daughter and nephew of the complainant, Afua Manu, were charged with assault and were arraigned before the court on July 10, 2008 and were remanded in prison custody for two weeks.
    He said on July 14, the accused approached Afua Manu and told her that he knew how to work out a deal to secure the release of the two, if an amount of GH¢150 was paid to him.
    He also demanded an additional amount of GH¢10 as transportation from Otumi to Kade and back.
    The prosecutor said the complainant could not provide the amount that day, but the next day she gave Owusu the GH¢160.
    He said Owusu failed to deliver on his promise and the two remained in prison remand until they were granted bail at the adjourned date but not through the efforts or influence of Owusu.
    In his explanation Owusu said he went to Kade twice without any success and on the day the detained persons were to re-appear in court he asked one Asafoatse for help, since he had an urgent meeting to attend in Koforidua.
    The magistrate questioned Owusu at length, asking him whether he knew of the court system and he replied in the affirmative.
    Mr Iliasu noted that Owusu’s behaviour was now rife, with people collecting monies from others with the promise of “seeing judges”, knowing very well that it was not possible, and so keep such monies for their own use.
    He said it was unfortunate that the judge would not be there to defend himself.
    When the magistrate ordered that he should be sent into prison custody until January 25 for his trial, Owusu begged the magistrate to no avail.
    It was then that he produced the GH¢150.