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Friday, July 1, 2022

Ghana is poised for growth – Ayariga

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Mr Mahama Ayariga, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry (MOTI) said on Thursday that Ghana is poised for growth through government’s prudent economic policies and programmes.
Other factors are good governance and adherence to democratic principles and transparency.
“It is within this context of our ‘Better Ghana’ agenda that new business and investment openings are being identified, developed and promoted,” he added.
Mr Ayariga made the observation when he addressed the opening session of a German-Ghana Business Summit in Accra, aimed at improving and enhancing economic ties between the two countries.
He also inaugurated an office of the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Accra.
Mr Ayariga said the establishment of the office would strengthen the existing ties between Ghana and Germany and provide a good prospect for more effective partnership between the Ghanaian private sector and its counterpart in Germany.
He said government was committed to creating an avenue to improve business environment as well as re-position the country to proactively deliver support to the private sector.
Mr Ayariga said the Ministry’s policy agenda was on integration, development and growth of a vibrant, productive and competitive sector to create a fully supportive environment and level playing field for the private sector to grow and compete effectively.
He noted that investment in Ghana’s agricultural sector was the obvious choice for the maximisation of the benefits of accelerated growth, adding “modernised agriculture would prepare the ground for structural transformation between agriculture and industry within the realisation of higher income.”
“In the next few years, growth will be led by the agricultural sector, which will provide the necessary inputs for the vibrant agro-processing industrial sector in the medium to long term,” he said.
He urged German and Ghanaian private sector operators to forge mutually beneficial trade and business alliances to take advantage of the opportunities being created.
Mr Stephen Antwi, President of Ghanaian-German Economic Association noted that the office would provide Ghanaian entrepreneurs the opportunity to source vital trade information from countries where Ghana had no diplomatic or trade representation.
He urged entrepreneurs from Ghana and Germany to approach business meetings with candour and goodwill to provide more effective partnership between the Ghanaian private sector and its counterpart in Germany.

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