Ama Benyiwa Doe Must Face Justice


    I and the family of Mr Doe in Keta (V.R) are dumbfounded when we read a response through the Lawyers of Mrs Benyiwa Doe to the Ghana Media Commission in the Ghanaian Daily Guide newspaper on Monday, January 17, 2011 denying with arrogance that She (Benyiwa Doe) “Did not Kill Her Husband Mr Doe”.
    I am Dennis Doe-Vormavor, The Interim Chairman of Ghanaians Abroad Against Corruption and a Nephew of Mr Doe (Late husband of Mrs Benyiwa Doe). I say with astonishment and extreme anger that Honourable Minister Benyiwa Doe has had the effrontery to deny through her Lawyers to the Ghana Media Commission that she did not kill her husband with poisonous substance. In fact, in her effort to try and deny her iniquitous act, she failed to explain to Ghanaians how she killed my uncle (Mr Doe) if not through poison.
    Since my statement was published that she killed her husband (my uncle) with a poison in Nigeria in the 1980’s,poison which a pathologist report confirmed that high doses of rat poison was found in Mr Doe’s bloodstream. the Criminal Investigating Dept of Ghana Police have shown no sign of investigating the matter until we all heard the denial from the Honourable Minister – Mrs Benyiwa Doe through her Lawyers to the Ghana Media Commission.
    I deem the denial through her solicitors to the Ghana Media Commission as ridiculous and not enough since the matter is a criminal offence committed by Mrs Benyiwa Doe. I would have expected the C.I.D of Police or the Attorney General to lodge an investigation into the matter. The Ghana government must not cover up murder!
    Though I am a resident in Glasgow UK I am prepared to come down to Ghana with more credible evidence and as a witness to show that indeed Ama Benyiwa Doe killed my uncle, provided my safety and security can be guaranteed by the state. I have also spoken with Mrs Arkoh (a Ghanaian) in London who was the Senior Nurse on duty during the postmortem of my late Uncle Mr Doe in Nigeria and is also willing to come down to testify of what she knows about the death of Mr Doe if her security can be assured.
    In fact, it is rather unfortunate that one woman who could have even testified before I do so is late honourable Hawa Yakubu who was with Madam Benyiwa in Nigeria during that time but died mysteriously. So now, who poisoned Honourable Hawa Yakubu at the party? This is a food for thought.
    I believe that Mrs Benyiwa Doe’s denial through her Lawyers to the Ghana Media Commission as reported by the Daily Guide news paper has raised more questions than answers.
    Some of the questions are:
    1. Why did Mrs Benyiwa Doe fail to explain to Ghanaians how my uncle (Mr Doe) died if she did not poison him?
    2. Why did Nigerian Authorities suspect foul play in Mr Doe’s death and opened an investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death.
    3. Why Mrs Benyiwa Doe has to flee to Ghana under a Diplomatic Immunity (though not Ghanaian government official) whilst the investigation was in progress in Nigeria?
    4. Is Mrs Ama Benyiwa Doe not living with her late husband’s child in Ghana after poisoning Mr Doe to death?
    Ironically, I believe many Ghanaians are still surprised to hear more this unfolding story concerning the death of my uncle (Mr Doe) who was allegedly poisoned in Nigeria by his wife Mrs Benyiwa Doe who is the current regional minister of Central Region.
    Mrs Ama Benyiwa used to work at the University of Ghana, Legon administration as a typist and got married to my uncle who was also a lecturer at the university. Eventually, Mr and Mrs Doe moved to settle in Nigeria in the 1980s.
    In Nigeria, Mr and Mrs Doe tried tirelessly for a child but could not produce one and as today, Ama Benyiwa has no child of own. Mr Doe – the husband, seemingly lost interest and Mrs Ama Benyiwa resorted to accusing her husband Mr Doe of womanizing and cheating on her. The situation became worse when Mr. Doe befriended a Nigerian woman (Ms. Tolou) in Lagos.
    Mr Doe’s girl friend had a child for him and as the result Mrs Benyiwa Doe could not hold her anger and therefore decided to eliminate the Husband with poisonous substances which created a debilitating effect on my uncle which eventually led to his death. The Nigerian authorities suspected foul play in Mr Doe’s death and therefore opened an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death.
    Interestingly, to cover up her deeds from her accusers, Ama Benyiwa quickly camouflaged the Nigerian security and the investigation team at the time by adopting the child from her late husband’s beautiful girl friend. Ama eventually sold my uncle’s assets and then fled to Ghana under a diplomatic immunity by the then Ghana High Commissioner to Nigeria with the help of Ghana Foreign Affairs dept under Prez Rawlings. Now, if she claims nothing fishy happened, why the rush to sell the assets of the late husband and flee to Ghana shortly after the death of my uncle? Who was chasing her?
    As at today, there’s credible information that Ama Benyiwa Doe is currently wanted in Nigeria to answer allegations of murder of her husband Mr Doe. We also want to assure you that your denial through your Lawyers to the G.M.C is the genesis of the battle, so the honourable Minister Ama Benyiwa should not think that she’s gotten away with the murder of my uncle. Ama has to face the due punishment of the law. This wicked crime can no longer be swept under the carpet!
    Though the Nigerian security is still investigating this case according to a reliable source, we also want urge the Ghanaian authorities to lodge an investigation into this atrocious act perpetuated by the honourable Minister Ama Benyiwa Doe.
    Its still beggar’s belief that the President and the Parliament of Ghana could still allow a murderer to continue as a Minister representing the good hardworking people of Central Region.
    I call on the President, The Ghanaian Authorities and National Security to investigate this matter and together with Interpol should extradite Ama Benyiwa Doe to Nigeria to face Justice!!
    Source: Dennis Doe-Vormavor, LLB MA Political Science Interim Chairman Ghanaians Abroad Against Corruption Glasgow UK [email protected] Telephone no-07985320721