“NPP Cannot Be Taken Serious”


    General Secretary for the People’s National Congress (PNC), Mr. Bernard Mornah

    The General Secretary of the People’s National Convention (PNC) Bernard Mornah, has taken a swipe at the New Patriotic Party for its ‘F’ grading of President J.E.A. Mills’ economic performance.
    Mornah insists that the ‘poor’ grading cannot be true; saying such a negative comment only puts politicians in bad light. According to him, the government has made giant strides in certain areas of the economy and has faltered in others; but an ‘F’ score is “totally unacceptable”.
    The NPP MPs in Parliament graded the Mills-led government with an ‘F’ score for what they termed were missed key economic targets. But Mornah has told Joy News the MPs cannot be serious about their claim.
    He said an average score is a fair assessment of Mills’ performance in the past two years, “but to describe them as zero performers was totally unacceptable and therefore it means that as politicians we are not serious and cannot be taken serious.” “It does appear they just wanted to say something so that they can make news; if for nothing at all inflation rate has come down persistently for more than 19 months; interest rate is also on decline, that is also a plus for the Mills administration,” he touted.
    He dismissed assertions that he is backing the NDC, saying it doesn’t subtract from a politician if he makes an objective statement about a political party.