Informer Newspaper Lied – John Boadu


    John Boadu

    Former National Youth Organiser of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), John Boadu, has dismissed a publication by the Informer newspaper that he (John) described Frances Essiam, a staunch member of the party as ‘a mole within the NPP’. He has also denied reports by the same newspaper that Nana Akufo-Addo has dispensed with the services of the blustering NPP activist.
    The Informer newspaper, in its Wednesday, January 19th edition, alleged that John Boadu has succeeded in cutting Frances Essiam out of the inner circles of Akufo-Addo’s Communication Team by recommending to the 2012 NPP flag bearer to sack her.
    But speaking on Peace FM’s Kokrokoo Morning show, the former NPP National Executive stated that it was rather an NDC activist, Samuel George who verbally abused Frances on Choice FM’s discussion programme, labeling her a ‘Political Prostitute and a mole’.
    “What happened really was that about two weeks, we were at Choice FM having a discussion when an argument broke out between the NDC panelist, Samuel George and Frances Essiam. Passions were so inflamed that George insulted Frances calling her ‘a political prostitute and a mole in the NPP’. This infuriated Frances who also responded. So heated was the argument that the programme had to be halted and I was the mediator who helped restore calm,” he narrated.
    Mr. Boadu emphasized that he has no problem with Frances Essiam and can never say such words about her.
    “I am not mad to say something about Frances, what has Frances done to me or what has she said that I will go out of my way to peddle tales about her. I was brought up in a home so I can never say such a thing and it can’t be possible for me to say such a thing anywhere especially against my own party member,” he noted.
    He chastised the Informer newspaper for what he described as deliberate attempts to tarnish his image and vowed to take them (Informer) on.
    “Can you imagine this! Can you imagine some of these people?…I will also not allow some toddlers to tarnish my hard won reputation. This is not the first time the Informer is doing such a thing and I think I need to take the Informer on because I know it is some immature people doing that. I am very surprised at fabricated stories being churned out by the newspaper about me…they have intentionally decided to write negative things about me just to tarnish my image,” he exclaimed.