Rawlings And Mills Are One – Minister


    The Deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources and Member of Parliament of Buem Constituency in the Jasikan District of the Volta Region, Hon Henry Ford Kamel, has said that there are no differences between the former President, Jerry John Rawlings and President Evans Atta Mills as the opposition party is trying to portray.
    He made this known in his constituency over the weekend in an interaction with his electorate. The annual routine review of the party in the constituency held at Jasikan with the aim of giving account of what has taken place in the party over the past months. The occasion brought many party faithful from the four corners of the constituency together.
    He said, the issue of former President jerry John Rawlings and President Evans Atta Mills has been a strategy that the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) has adopted to get members of the NDC confused to capitalize on to win what he describes as sympathy votes come 2012.
    Hon. Kamel said the views of the former president are necessary for the party since it will go a long way to strengthen the administration of the president, party faithfuls should not be worried about him. “We know many people have gotten ways of expressing their sentiments and I believe President Mills seems to understand where the former President is coming from – he knows that he has been there before and that he would not underestimate his views”, he said.
    He further indicated that “Mr. Rawlings will never forsake the party no matter the circumstances he finds himself. The NDC is almost invariably the party he himself created and people who love him love his work and will subscribe to his ideas and that of the party too. Jerry will never turn his back on the party as many people, most especially, the opposition party are saying; Jerry is someone who is very forthright and he speaks his minds on issues and they may be hurting views but that is his style.
    For now, that is his dissenting view and that does not mean he is forsaking or will forsake the party. If at the right time the general body of the NDC decides to take a particular decision, he will respect the views of the majority no matter if it goes against what he has been talking and thinking about, once the general body of the party have decided, he will follow them.” “There should be a family meeting of the party to take into consideration the legitimate concern of former President Rawlings and that of President Evans Atta Mills for us to make headway for our party and I believe we can give hope to the rank and file of the party. The party does not have to relent in its strength but instead put in its maximum best to sell itself to both the international world and the good people of Ghana,” he added.
    Hon. Kamel made it clear that the National Democrat Congress (NDC) is the party that has proven to Ghanaians that it is better known for its commitment to the development of the country and that party supporters should be proud of the party and begin to propagate the good work of the government in order to attract more floating voters and even more fans of the New Patriotic party to join the NDC.
    Hon. Kamel entreated the opposition New Patriotic Party to stop castigating the government falsely and instead praise the government for turning the fortunes of the country around and also giving Ghanaians hope of their “Better Ghana Agenda”. He also asked the youth in the NDC to remain resolute and rally behind the party in order to lead the party in to victory come 2012.
    Source: Daily Democrat